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Connectivity and Trust: Connected Service at Dixie Toyota

Connectivity and Trust: Connected Service at Dixie Toyota

Connectivity and Trust: Connected Service at Dixie Toyota

At the Forefront of Technological Innovation

At the forefront of innovation and technological advancement, Dixie Toyota is revolutionizing the driving experience with Toyota's Connected Service, a digital companion that enhances your quality of life and brings you closer to your vehicle like never before. It's a new era where your Toyota is no longer just a means of transport, but a smart partner that adapts to your needs and lifestyle.


The Toyota App: Your Intuitive Interface

The Toyota app, an extension of our commitment to an exceptional customer experience, opens the doors to unprecedented interaction with your vehicle. This intuitive interface allows you to start the engine, check the fuel level, and much more, all at your fingertips. With the Toyota app, your car is always within reach, even when you're away.


Personalized Support by Our Team

Our delivery team does more than just hand over the keys; they guide you through every feature, ensuring you leave with confidence, mastering the advanced connectivity of your Toyota.


Connected Services: Beyond Technology

Toyota's Connected Services go beyond mere cutting-edge technology. Receive monthly vehicle health reports, be instantly alerted by warning lights, and allow your Dixie Toyota dealership to provide personalized and proactive service. With Dixie Toyota, you are not only connected to your vehicle but also to a team dedicated to your well-being on the road.


Remote Connect: Control at a Distance

Remote Connect turns your smartphone or smartwatch into a virtual remote control, offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility. Whether you want to preheat your interior in winter or simply ensure the doors are locked, this feature is the very definition of practical and secure innovation.

Connectivity at the Heart of Our Service

Connectivity is more than a feature; it's the heartbeat of our service. We invite you to experience the most intuitive and connected driving experience available – an experience you'll find only at Dixie Toyota, where every customer becomes a privileged member of a connected future.

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