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Toyota Racing Development: Performance Parts that Preserve Your Warranty and Protect Your Investment

Toyota Racing Development: Performance Parts that Preserve Your Warranty and Protect Your Investment

Toyota Racing Development: Performance Parts that Preserve Your Warranty and Protect Your Investment

The reputation of Toyota's trucks and SUVs is well-established. Their reliability, durability, and unbeatable appearance leave the competition far behind in the dust. Designed to tackle the worst conditions on challenging terrains while offering the ride comfort of a luxury car in the city, the various models come with a complete range of equipment that tuning enthusiasts can further enhance thanks to the trusted parts and accessories from Toyota Racing Development (TRD). Choosing TRD means opting for quality and ensuring the preservation of your vehicle's warranty, built by enthusiasts who have won medals in various high-caliber competitions around the globe.

Although many independent garages claim to be tuning specialists and offer a multitude of parts and accessories, it's challenging to know if what they're installing will comply and whether the mechanics will respect the configuration, requirements, and limits of your vehicle. The risks of causing damage and jeopardizing the manufacturer's warranty simply aren't worth it.

Fortunately, you won't be left wanting by turning to the TRD range for your 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, or Sequoia. All already available in TRD versions, it's possible to push the improvements and tuning further by selecting even more parts from the Toyota catalog, or for another model not bearing the TRD logo, choosing the options you want to add, either at the time of purchase or later in the vehicle's life. All while sleeping peacefully knowing your warranty and investment are protected.

TRD's high-performance accessories are varied and ensure even more flair when it comes to looks, aerodynamics, and speed. Here's an overview of some of these robust parts developed since 1979 that have made Toyota a leader in competitions in the desert, Indy Car, and NASCAR series.

On a truck, the wheels and rims play a crucial role. The 17-inch matte gray alloy TRD wheels, besides looking terrific, ensure proven solidity and reliability. The TRD high-performance air intake system, for its part, increases engine power and torque, as does the high-performance exhaust with black chrome tip. As for the performance lowering springs suspension, it's about improving your vehicle's overall maneuverability and steering control. If you're into mud, unpredictable paths, and obstacles, the front skid plate will protect your ride's vital elements while enhancing its exceptional look even further. Speaking of looks, the TRD Pro shift knob will catch your passengers' attention, and the forged aluminum oil cap, also bearing the legendary Toyota Racing Development logo, will catch the eyes of those looking under the hood. You can choose among these TRD parts and accessories in the Toyota catalog those you prefer and have them installed by your dealer on your vehicle, in a way, it can never be emphasized enough, to preserve your warranty and ensure your peace of mind.

Another option available to you is to choose a TRD truck model from the start, which will be delivered from day one with several improvements. Nothing will stop you from adding even more later on. In this regard, the Tacoma TRD Pro comes standard with leather interior, TRD Pro skid plate, 16-inch alloy wheels, and FOX suspension. The Tundra TRD Pro features 18-inch black forged aluminum alloy wheels, the TRD stamped skid plate, and high-performance exhaust with black chrome tip. The 4Runner TRD Pro offers TRD-tuned front and rear springs, 17-inch wheels, FOX shocks, and a skid plate, as well as a panoramic/multi-terrain monitor. The impressive Sequoia, in its TRD version, also got its dose of steroids, that is, an off-road suspension with 2.5-inch internal bypass coil-over FOX springs and rear external reservoir shocks. That's not all: the 14-speaker JBL audio system will redefine your vision of what listening to music on winding roads is like with its incredible sound quality that you'll appreciate during your comfortable road trips thanks to the 18-inch forged BBS wheels, unmissable in their black color. Finally, the TRD version of the Sequoia won't let you miss any obstacle, on or off-road, thanks to the triple-beam headlights. That's what being in charge feels like!

2023 Sequoia red

The Toyota parts catalog is the go-to resource. That's what conscientious vehicle owners do who want to stay in compliance with their manufacturer, who will thus honor the warranties offered at purchase despite modifications made to enhance performance or the vehicle's appearance.


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