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Toyotoshi: An International Family Story. From Japan to Paraguay, to Canada. 

Toyotoshi: An International Family Story. From Japan to Paraguay, to Canada. 

Toyotoshi: An International Family Story. From Japan to Paraguay, to Canada. 

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A dream turned into reality 

Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi, the founder of the Toyotoshi Group, was greatly inspired by his father, who specialized in car repair, a rare vocation in Japan at the time. After completing his studies, the young graduate set out in search of work. That's when he met an Argentine who offered him a job in Buenos Aires. Upon arriving in Buenos Aires in 1960, Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi was working for a small import company in Japan, his home country. At that time, the importation of automobiles, motorcycles, or machinery did not yet exist. For this reason, he decided to look into it and find a way to change this reality.


In May 1960, in Paraguay, goods were imported from all over. So, he decided to venture into business. He built the first Toyotoshi headquarters on the corner of Estrella and Juan O'Leary streets in Paraguay. The building measured 10 meters wide and 30 meters long, and there were three employees: him, his secretary, and an accountant. With many ideas in mind and a capital of $20,000 US, the story of the Toyotoshi Group officially began.


The first mission 

Starting out, representing Toyota, the Toyotoshi Group encountered difficulties regarding the lack of available spare parts in the market. Moreover, good customer service did not yet exist. Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi believed that the best way to succeed in the automotive world and build a reputation was to win the Transchaco race, a well-known race in Paraguay and quite popular. His goal was to win in the general category, so the Toyotoshi Group started participating. Thanks to numerous victories, their reputation greatly improved, and the Toyotoshi Group became known. People recognized the brand, and then they recognized its quality and endurance. Each time they won the race, sales increased.


In 1978, Transmar was born. The representative of O.S.K. Lines Buenos Aires was a friend and Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi's former boss in Tokyo. His former boss came to Paraguay to ask him to find a maritime agent in Asuncion. However, instead of finding one, the Toyotoshi founder offered to be the maritime agent in Asuncion himself. Thus, the representative allowed him to represent O.S.K. Lines and later MOL, which still exists.


The establishment of TG Cuir 

The Toyotoshi Group made the decision to acquire the company Vacapi, now called TG Cuir. The "G" in TG is a reference to the French family that owned Vacapi, representing their last name, Guillem. The "T" in TG is a reference to a member who chose to stay with the company despite the change in ownership. Finally, "cuir" is a French word, another allusion to the former owners. Initially, they were suppliers of genuine parts to Toyota Europe. Over time, thanks to the whole team, TG Cuir is now classified as the best Toyota parts supplier in Argentina.


Influential relationships 

Regarding his friends, Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi is aware that he has been very lucky. The businessman has always had confidence in himself, which was particularly helpful in his projects.


"What constitutes my fortune is not money, but the relationships I have built that have given me the confidence I needed. My accomplishments are not solely the result of my efforts. It's a gift I received from my parents." - Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi, founder of the Toyotoshi Group


A significant investment for the Toyotoshi Group 

After a few years, the Toyotoshi Group decided to invest in infrastructure and say goodbye to the first headquarters in the Recoleta neighborhood, which had contributed to their growth since 1977. Space was needed to improve working techniques, make Toyotoshi members proud, and build a new headquarters that reflected the company's image. No one could have imagined that 50 years later, the 10-meter wide and 30-meter long infrastructure would become large assembly halls with service facilities. Starting with only three employees, it is truly impressive to have over 1000 employees today.


The country that adopted him

When the founder of the Toyotoshi Group was in Canada, his son, Marcelo Toyotoshi, contacted him to say that the President of Paraguay wanted to talk to him. The President wanted him to become the Paraguayan ambassador to Japan. His initial reaction was to decline the request, as this role was very important, but he eventually accepted it because Paraguay had adopted him by offering him many opportunities, and his family was happy in the country.


"I had to return the favor for all I had received, and it's my second homeland." - Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi


After making this important decision, he resigned from all his business roles and returned to Japan from 2009 to 2017. His new job was to promote Paraguay and showcase a positive image of the country, both economically and culturally.


A lasting legacy 

Throughout all these years, the company has continued to grow. Meadowvale Toyota was built in 2009. In the same year, the company established itself in Quebec, where it founded Boulevard Lexus and Boulevard Toyota. Now, the Toyotoshi Group owns a total of 5 dealerships in Quebec and Ontario. Over the past 15 years, the Toyotoshi Group has been among the top 50 workplaces in Canada out of more than 8000 companies that apply each year. Being on the list of the top 50 was an incredible achievement.


The visible legacy of Don Naoyuki Toyotoshi is the Paraguayan Japanese School. This school was founded to teach their future leaders, honest and hardworking individuals. He believes in the potential of future generations to make Paraguay a much better place, and he would like Toyotoshi Group members to feel like one big family, with values being passed down and enduring.


Earning trust is not child's play; it takes time. Earning the trust of customers comes first because it is the most important thing within the Toyotoshi Group. Companies must gain the trust of their employees as well. Trust is at the center of everything. Another important concept is passion for work. When we value the time we spend at work, it shows directly in the results.

To see the Toyotoshi Group Canada: https://toyotoshigroupcanada.com/

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