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What are the improvements brought round to the new RAV4 2023?

What are the improvements brought round to the new RAV4 2023?

What are the improvements brought round to the new RAV4 2023?

Toyota RAV4 2023 return this year with some improvement intended to make it look more attractive and a range of features designed for the facts of life in Ontario. The new RAV4 is already a commercial sport vehicle which is sold in Canada et for sure the most popular model in that sector, and the improvement brought around this year should make it look more attractive.



RAV4, Hybrid, white

2023 RAV4 Hybrid AWD XSE Technology Package


Toyota RAV4 2023 receive the infotainment system improved with advanced vocal controls with a range attractive connected functionality. Moreover, the RAV4 is from now on equipped with a series of four-wheel drive and receive a whole improved security technology active Toyota Safety Suite 2.5 with more helpful functions to driving. Look at what have been improved to the already improved Toyota VUS.

Advanced infotainment Technology


The new Toyota RAV4 receive improved Toyota connectivity functions that we find in the new Toyota multimedia system. From now on housed in the central screen bigger, the Toyota RAV4 give at its owners the possibility to control a series of functions such as the Radio and Air-conditioning via vocal controls.



Toyota, RAV4, Hybrid, interior, black

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid - Interior


By saying “hey Toyota”, the driver or the passenger are connected to the vehicle and to the infotainment system and also can use natural vocal interactions for a variety of controls. This new infotainment system provide also a navigation system advanced up-to-date in real time, same as what you will find when using your mobile phone. You can be connected directly to an officer by simply pressing a button for the navigation assistance, or if you need help or have a breakdown. And with the advanced Safety Connect system, you are able to receive help in case of accident.


Toyota, RAV4, black

2023 Toyota RAV4 Woodland Edition


Four-Wheel Drive series and 16 available versions

All Toyota RAV4 2023, petrol models featuring a four-wheel drive engine of 2.5L developing a powerful 203 CH, the highest power in their range, hybrid models and rechargeable hybrid, provide an all wheel drive. Moreover, The basis Toyota RAV4 is not that expensive with a starting price of a little bit more than 32000$.


The Toyota RAV4 collection count 16 available versions, which is simply impressive. You will have no difficulties to find endowed features model and the equipment needed. The finishing touch LE is delivered with a lot of tools itself, such as front heated seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a collection of Toyota security technology.

Toyota, RAV4, Hybrid, blue

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


The whole Toyota Safety Suite 2.5 render RAV4 even more secure


Toyota RAV4 is from now on equipped with a group of active security advanced technology Toyota Safety Suite 2.5. Despite the adaptive cruise control based on the radar and line crossing alert with direction assistance, you will benefit not only with an improved detection of pedestrians and opposite direction traffic, but as well as automatic brake in case of possible collision in the intersection.


Toyota, RAV4, interior, black and grey

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Interior


Toyota RAV4 2023 is more connected than ever, and it will give you even more. There is no doubt that it will stay the commercial sport vehicle sold in the country. Call us today to find out more.


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