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Why the Unstoppable Toyota Hilux Isn't Available in Canada?

Why the Unstoppable Toyota Hilux Isn't Available in Canada?

Why the Unstoppable Toyota Hilux Isn't Available in Canada?

Toyota Hilux white in sand

Indestructible Everywhere, But Not in Our Backyard

Are you familiar with the Toyota Hilux? It's a pickup truck renowned for its toughness and reliability, winning the hearts of off-road enthusiasts worldwide, yet it's not sold in North America. Its absence from the North American market raises many questions among off-road driving enthusiasts and car aficionados. Why isn't the indestructible Toyota Hilux sold in Canada?


Aligning with Standards in North America

One reason why the Toyota Hilux isn’t sold in Canada or the United States relates to safety standards and regulations that apply to the North American automotive market. Canada and the United States have strict automotive safety requirements, and imported vehicles must comply with these standards for approval. It's even acknowledged that North American standards are among the strictest globally.

The Toyota Hilux was not designed to meet these standards, and adapting it would be very costly for the manufacturer. Therefore, the import cost would be much higher, resulting in a selling price significantly above the average for a similar type of vehicle.


Tactics, Rivalry, and Market Demands

The availability of a particular model in a given market is often closely linked to consumer demand, which is strategic. If the demand for the Toyota Hilux in Canada is perceived as insufficient by the manufacturer, it will undoubtedly choose not to market the model in this country.

Additionally, two Toyota trucks already occupy the North American market: the Tacoma and the Tundra. Although different, the Hilux and Tacoma share many similarities. They are like distant cousins. Therefore, it would not be advantageous for the company to market two vehicles that would end up competing against each other.

The Toyota Hilux may not be sold in Canada, but that doesn’t stop us from learning more about its legendary features.


Building a Global Legacy

The Toyota Hilux was launched in Japan on March 21, 1968. Today, it’s marketed in 180 countries and regions worldwide. Its reputation is straightforward: unstoppable, indestructible, and invincible. And these aren’t just words to impress! The exploits of the Toyota Hilux are well-known. It has proven time and again that it's a champion in its category. Among other achievements, it has participated in expeditions to the North Pole, Antarctica, and Iceland, where it climbed volcanoes, and it even made it to the podium at the Dakar! Its off-road capabilities and robust construction make it an incredible ally when it comes to reaching a location or summit where no one has ever been.


Intricate Craftsmanship

Each Toyota Hilux is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. The body structure is reinforced to withstand the most extreme conditions, whether on rough roads or in environments with no roads.

Under the hood, the Toyota Hilux is equipped with a powerful engine that combines energy efficiency and performance. It provides high torque at low speeds, which is crucial for off-road driving and impressive loading and towing capacity like that of the Hilux.


Unparalleled Strength and Capability

The reliability of the Toyota Hilux is legendary. Many owners attest to the exceptional durability of this vehicle, even under tough conditions. This makes it a preferred choice for drivers looking for a car that can withstand the test of time.

Whether on paved roads, rugged terrain, or off-road tracks, the Hilux excels in all situations. Its robust suspension and all-wheel drive ensure optimal grip, while its high ground clearance allows it to overcome obstacles with ease. Like a reliable and sturdy companion, the Hilux offers its driver an exceptional driving experience!


Tales of Legendary Proportions

With such spectacular performances come legendary stories. Of all the stories out there, two demonstrate just how much the Hilux is a vehicle in a class of its own.


Top Gear's Extreme Challenges

In the British TV show Top Gear, known for its car tests, the indestructibility of the Toyota Hilux was tested in numerous ways. In one episode, the hosts subjected the Hilux to several extreme trials, and each time, the vehicle could be repaired with basic tools and driven without problems. The tests to demonstrate the Hilux’s invincibility included:

  • Violent collision with a tree;
  • Complete submersion by the tide;
  • Crushing the Hilux using a caravan;
  • Hitting it brutally with a wrecking ball;
  • Setting the vehicle on fire;
  • A 73-meter drop following the demolition of the building it was placed on.

None of these tests defeated the Hilux. Since this remarkable episode, the Hilux was integrated into the studio’s decor.

In another special episode, Jeremy Clarkson and James May used a Toyota Hilux to reach the magnetic North Pole for the first time. This feat earned the Hilux used a well-deserved retirement in a museum!

Crossing the 1.6 Million Kilometer Mark

With its reputation as an indestructible vehicle, it's not unusual to see the odometer of a Toyota Hilux breaking distance records. This is the case for a Hilux bought in 1980 that has reached 1,600,000 kilometers on the clock! Although it has been repaired a few times, this Hilux has traveled many off-road trails in California and Arizona and continues to blaze its trail wherever its driver takes it.

The Toyota Hilux is much more than just a pickup truck or an off-road vehicle. Despite its fame and popularity, no Hilux travels on Canadian roads. Are you interested in this extraordinary model?

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