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Your Unparalleled Road Companion: Dixie Toyota's Extra Care Protection

Your Unparalleled Road Companion: Dixie Toyota's Extra Care Protection

Your Unparalleled Road Companion: Dixie Toyota's Extra CareProtection

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More than a Vehicle, a Life Companion

At Dixie Toyota, a cornerstone of the automotive industry in Mississauga, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a means of transportation: it's a life companion. That's why we're proud to offer you a most convincing exclusive service that redefines the standards of serenity on the road: the Extra Care Protection (ECP).


Comprehensive Protection for Your Peace of Mind

With the ECP, your investment is preserved and your peace of mind is elevated to its pinnacle. Combined with the Dixie customer experience that has been defying standards for years, this unique formula offers you an extended coverage well beyond the standard warranty, with complete mechanical protection for up to 7 years. Our team of professionals is committed to maintaining your vehicle in optimal condition with genuine Toyota parts and the expertise of our experienced technicians.


Beyond Mechanics: A Complete Service

But the ECP is much more than mechanics. It's a promise of smoothness, no matter the circumstances. From innovative and predictive maintenance services to assistance solutions for sudden travel interruptions, you enjoy total support so that every journey remains a pure moment of pleasure.

24/7 Roadside Assistance and Towing Services

And if the unexpected happens, rely on our 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and towing services. Whether it's a mechanical breakdown, a need for unlocking, or even a simple fuel delivery, the ECP has you covered in all your adventures.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Because at Dixie Toyota, we believe your satisfaction should not be hindered by time and are complicit in your ambitions, we also offer you tire and wheel protection against the inconveniences of the road.

Innovative and Exclusive Expertise

Our position as a leader in Mississauga for several years proves our innovative know-how, thanks to the exclusive expertise forged by Toyota manufacturers themselves.


Choosing Dixie Toyota's ECP: A Serene Experience

By choosing Dixie Toyota's ECP, you opt for an oasis of peace on an unpredictable road. It's an exclusive experience that, without being said, is heard in the quiet of your interior and felt in the serenity of your drive.


Discover the Dixie Toyota difference, where the road to excellence is paved with real promises kept.

Visit Us at 1600 Toyo Circle, Mississauga and get the ECP that will accompany you in all your travels!



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